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tile ready redi shower niche copy.recess large tile it niches to build shower tile niche

Easy to install, Easy to Clean, Recessed Ceramic Shampoo and Soap Niches, Various Shapes and Colors!

best shampoo niches how to diy.bathroom design..recessed niche dimensions.bathroom niche pictures2 copy.

Pictured above, I recommend a multi compartment shampoo/soap and a single shampoo compartment on each side of the shower head. The average bathroom has three shampoos and two conditioners in the shower area.

One piece recessed niche made of high quality porcelain that will last a life time. No grout lines, nooks, crannies and easy to clean, unlike a custom tiled niche. Bar soap doesn't slide out and no worry over waterproofing or quality issues that come with contractor installed custom shower shelves or niches.


Recessed Shampoo Soap Niche Colors

shampoo niches

Not pictured new brighter Arctic White for subway whites, a premium color. No guaranty on color matching.

Most common selections in order are gloss white, matte white,matte almond, gloss almond and then gloss parchment that I feel is the best darker beige complimentary color. As there is Color Variation in all glazed and fired products, please think in terms of complimenting your tile or contrasting and not matching. You could always buy the recessed shampoo dishes first and then make your tile selection as there are many more tile choices than niche colors. The gloss and matte almond above is actually darker than appears in the picture.

Send me a sample of your tile and I will take and email pictures with complimentary colors of your choice.

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Recessed Niche Combination Savings
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Sexy hair shampoo shelfbathroom shower niches

One (3) Compartment Shampoo/Soap Dish & One (1) Compartment Shampoo Shelf-more info,

Colors-Never enough convenient toiletry storage in your shower?  I recommend both the shampoo / soap storage niche and the large shampoo shelf to provide a useful touch to your bathroom remodeling project.

recessed ceramic porcelain tile shelf

Two (3) Compartment Shampoo/Soap Dish-more info

Colors- Planning on doing two tiled bathroom remodels in the future? His and Hers niches? Be ready for your bathroom(s) with these ready to install recessed shower ceramic shelves.

canada shower shelf

Two (1) Compartment Shampoo Shelves-more info

Colors- More than one person using the shower? Like to keep quite a few different shampoo’s or body washes? Two large recessed shampoo  shelves keep your toiletries within easy reach.

Full set recessed soap shampoo porcelain dishes

Full Set 1, 3 and soap-

Colors- Room for all your shampoo and soap toiletries. Soap dish can be used for shower foot rest in the shower.

Two (2) Compartment Shampoo/Soap Dish-more info,

Colors- Don’t have the room in your tile shower for a large niche or only need a small amount of recessed shelf storage? Two compartment niches are tile ready  and sanitary ceramic just like the larger units above.

soap dish

** Read **Order this soap dish if you are also purchasing a large 1 or 3 compartment dish as well.

Shower Foot Rest for washing or shaving legs.

shampoo niches12

Recessed Soap Dish Only-more info

Small single shelf soap holder or niche. Gloss or Matte finish to compliment your tile. Cut out opening for soap dish 5 5/8" x 4 1/8".

Shower Foot Rest for washing or shaving legs.

ceramic crown blue crystal


Aluminum extra sticky tape

for the initial set of your recessed niche or crown molding. 2 ft of tape to cut into four 6" pieces. Pre fold the tape in half to be able to tape right into the corner for a secure mount while silicone or thinset cures.

Individual Shower Shampoo/Soap Dishes

recessed shampoo colors


3 Compartment Shampoo/Soap Holder- More info

Colors- We now offer more colors to compliment your tile choice. Send me a tile sample you would like to compliment and I will photo it next to the above colors.

black recessed shampoo


1 Compartment Shampoo Shelf More Info

Colors- Large single shelf shampoo holder or niche. Gloss or matte glaze to match finish on most tiles. Opening of this quality ceramic shelve is approx 11" wide x 10 3/4" high and 3 1/2" deep. This one piece niche fits easily in a standard 2x4 wall.

shampoo and soap

2 Compartment Shampoo/Soap Dish- More Info

Colors- High quality, made in USA , fire glazed recessed ceramic niche to compliment your tile choice. Easy to install, Easy to clean ceramic.  No grout lines to mold and mildew!


soap dish

Colors-Shower Foot Rest for washing or shaving legs.

** Order this soap dish only if you are also purchasing a large dish as well. If you want to order soap dishes only, order down the bottom of this page with shipping included.







Recessed Soap Dishes

shampoo niches12

Recessed Soap Dish Only-more info

Colors- Small single shelf soap holder or niche. Gloss or Matte finish to compliment your tile. Cut out opening for soap dish 5 5/8" x 4 1/8". Use as a foot rest in the shower!

Ceramic Crown Moldings Towel Warmers Kerdi

glosswhite matte almond crowns

In stock, click here to go to page!

Ceramic mitered ends crown molding shelves, easy install with silicone or thinset into a 11 1/4" x 2 3/8" opening. We currently have limited stock, so call before ordering. mark 703-408-4920

off white ceramic crown molding shelf picture

ceramic shower crown molding 6

Imported Ceramic Crown Molding Nominal 12" x 3" x 3"

Must be installed with tile, not on top or surface mounted. Matte white or gloss white glazed finish. Various configurations possible, stair stepped, at ceiling line like normal crown, stacked like pictured or continuous shelf all around shower for decorative shelf or shampoo storage.

This product must be installed "with the tile installation" and attached with thinset to the backer board.

More information

Link to pictures

Towel Warmers Stainless Steel

bathroom towel warmer

Free standing floor towel warmer

I feel these are the best towel warmers for the money because they are solid stainless steel and not a plated metal as on the lesser priced units. Warms towels, dries towels, reduces bacteria's on towels.

24" x 35" 8 bar towel warmer. Warm and dry towels in your bathroom. 150 watt, 120 volt, easy plug in. More info.


Kerdi Waterproof Shower Tile Membrane

bathroom tile kerdi blanke

Inside corner kerdi special

1-20"x 3'3" piece

that is then cut into 4 pieces 5" wide to lap your corners 2 1/2" each way 6' high. Just like drywall paper tape but with a stiff broad knife using thinset.


The tiled inside corners are the first to crack in a shower or tub, even if a slight crack develops water does not reach the backer board making the joint open more.

Schluter Kerdi is a fleece covered soft polyethylene membrane for waterproofing shower corners, seats, custom niches and mud set pans. 8 ml thickness x 3' 3" wide x your custom cut length, no returns. Free shipping with other purchase.

schluter kerdi shower bathroom tile

Kerdi Custom Cut by the foot

Each foot is x 3'3" or 3.25 sq feet per lineal foot

Schluter Kerdi is a fleece covered soft polyethylene membrane for waterproofing shower corners, seats, custom niches and mud set pans. 8 ml thickness x 3' 3" wide x your custom cut length, no returns. Free shipping with other purchase.



**Canadian buyers, please note: Import duties, taxes, and charges (typically collected upon delivery or pickup) are the buyer’s responsibility and are not included in the item price or shipping charges. Please include your phone number for customs. Canadian shower niches and shampoo shelves shipped to Canada.

20% restocking charge on permitted unbroken returned items not over 30 days since purchase. No returns on the custom cut shower membrane.